• Trish Santini
    Executive Director
  • Erik Rogers
    Manager, Executive Office
  • Jessie Long
    Executive Coordinator
  • Michael Wiggins
    Director of Engagement & Education
  • Stephanie Peña
  • Kelsey Van Ert
  • Laura Clement
    Chief Operating Officer
  • Ben Clark
    Finance Manager
  • Kathryn Lewis
    Park & Facility Operations Manager
  • Janette Martinez
    Employee Experience Manager
  • Orrin Sheehan
    Head of Horticulture
  • Angela Lopez
    Custodian Supervisor
  • Juan Mata
    Maintenance Supervisor
  • Grace Cho
    Maintenance Technician
  • Río Morales
    Park Operations Associate
  • Heidi Rai Morgan
    Finance Associate
  • JP Ogawa
    Office Operations Associate
  • Farida Lecoin
    Office Operations Assistant
  • Monique Andino
  • Julia Kraus
  • Kelsey Martinez
    Production Manager
  • Patrick Lachance
    Audio & Lighting Supervisor
  • Alverneq Lindsay
    Programming Associate
  • Celine Armstrong
    Project Executive
  • Olivia Arnow
    Assistant Project Manager
  • Donielle Lee
    Director of External Relations
  • Brooke Caison
    Hospitality Manager
  • Logan Ford
    Visitor Experience Manager
  • Veasna Has
    Communications Manager
  • Danielle Ruff
    Public Relations Manager
  • Tony Harris
    Visitor Experience Associate
  • Hayley Cartee
    Visitor Experience Supervisor
  • Stephen Jenkins
    Visitor Experience Supervisor
  • Saul Ramirez
    Visitor Experience Supervisor
  • Nicholas Thomas
    Visitor Experience Supervisor