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Year-Round Staff


Executive Director

Trish Santini

Manager, Executive Office

Erik Rogers

Communications Manager

Danielle Ruff

Executive Associate

Jessie Long

Communications Coordinator

Celese Lindsey

Executive Coordinator

JJ Maley

Education & Community Relations

Director of Education and Community Relations

Michael Wiggins

Youth Development Associate

Santos Collado

Education and Community Relations Associate

Duke Yun

Education and Community Relations Coordinator

Farida Lecoin

Teaching Artists

Georgie Flores, Stephanie Peña, Kelsey Van Ert

Artistic Programming


Julia Kraus

Production Manager

Kelsey Martinez

Audio & Lighting Supervisor

Patrick Lachance

Assistant Producer

Ras Dia

Assistant Production Manager

Stevie Leary

Programming Coordinator

Raven Robledo


Director of Operations

Shawn Cargil

Visitor Experience Manager

Logan Ford

Park Operations Manager

Kathryn Lewis

Head of Horticulture

Orrin Sheehan

Maintenance Supervisor

Juan Mata

Lead Visitor Experience Supervisors

Saul Ramirez, Nicholas Thomas

Maintenance Technicians

Grace Cho, Anthony Fillat

Park Operations Associates

Brett Figel, Rio Morales

Lead Visitor Experience Hosts

Jason Dominguez

Visitor Experience Coordinator

Isabel Allen

Visitor Experience Hosts

Lisa Brown, Barry Dougherty, Annarose Hunt, Patricia James, Belén Jaramillo, Stephen Jenkins, Terrell Mclean


Shawn Adams, Robert Casellas Jr., Shanequa Coleman, Ana Maria Del Orbe Gil


Chief Operating Officer

Laura Clement

Finance Manager

Ben Clark

Business Affairs Manager

Lisa Guzman

Employee Experience Manager

Janette Martinez

Assistant Manager of Finance

Heidi Morgan

Assistant Manager of Recruitment and Training

Rachel Lee

Human Resources Generalist

Natalia Flores

Finance Bookkeeper

Liz Duplessy

Employee Experience Associate

Asim Naqvi

Administrative Associate

Natasha Murdock