Little Island @Pier55

Follow along as we build.

Check back for updates as Little Island comes to life.

The first 12 trees were planted on Little Island in March. Photo by HRCG.
The trees reach 20-25 feet high. Photo by HRCG.
Trees were lifted into the air by an onsite crane, and planted on top of a concrete tulip pot. Photo by HRCG.
Landscape architecture firm MNLA led this planting effort along with installation firm BrightView. Photo by HRCG.
View of the trees from the South Bridge entrance to the park. Photo by HRCG.
Looking south from the park, a view of Lower Manhattan. Photo by HRCG.
A view of the concrete tulip pots at the southwest corner of the park, from the water. Photo by HRCG.
A closeup of the concrete tulip pots emerging from the water. Photo by Timothy Schenck.
The southeast corner of the park under construction. Photo by Timothy Schenck.
Steel rebar helps to reinforce the concrete pot structures. Photo by Timothy Schenck.
A close-up of the concrete tulip pots on the site. Photo by Timothy Schenck.
A view of the park from the esplanade. Photo by Timothy Schenck.
View from South Bridge Entrance
Little Island's signature pots photographed from the water
The Amph, one of the performance spaces in Little Island
A view overlooking the playground

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