Reminder: No timed entry reservations are required through mid-March.

Audio Tour

Little Island's landscape architect Signe Nielsen, founding principal of MNLA, narrates this 40-minute audio tour of Little Island. Learn about the visionary design and thought process behind every plant, leaf, and rock placement in our 2.4 acre oasis.

Map of Little Island with numbers 1-6 marked on it, indicating starting points for the audio tour

On our downloadable tour, each track starts at the corresponding number on the map.

  1. 0:00 - Introduction from Esplanade
  2. 5:04 - Orientation from Main Lawn
  3. 10:17 - Northwest Quadrant
  4. 17:07 - Southwest Quadrant
  5. 25:48 - Northeast Quadrant
  6. 30:04 - Southeast Quadrant
  7. 36:21 - Conclusion