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StreetMule – Percussionist

The Play Ground

August 3, 2023

6:00 pm

Marc Mueller is a Brooklyn-based multi-instrumentalist focusing on world percussion, trap kit, didgeridoo, found object musical fabrication and sonic collage experimentation. Performing professionally at festivals, concert halls, clubs, art openings, and cultural events for over 30 years, Marc is currently appearing solo as StreetMule. Marc has been a MUNY (Music Under New York) performer since 1995.

StreetMule harnesses the city’s vibrant energy in a tribal soundscape that features Australian didgeridoo with voice FX, Peruvian cajon, Middle Eastern darbuka, African shakers and Indian bells played all at once! This globally oriented earth music is driven by architectural ingenuity as Marc delves into the guts of street corner blues, primal nature sounds, funky hoofer backbeats all resonating in a vibrant timbre. Marc’s recording: Talkin’ True Da Tube reflects the soulful essence of his spontaneous live performances.

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