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Pigeonwing Dance / Photo by Charles Roussel Free

Pigeonwing Dance: Contemporary Ballet

The Play Ground

August 25, 2022

12:30 pm

Described by The New Yorker as “eccentric…playful…curious”, Pigeonwing Dance seeks the coordinates where beauty turns to awkwardness and tension dissolves into ease. Whirlwinds, accidents, and chance encounters are caught, preserved, and folded into dance. This improvisatory abandon is counterbalanced by meticulous calculation, revealing intricate architectures where fleeting moments of resolution open into new wonderings.

Pigeonwing, named for its blend of airiness and NYC grit, was founded in 2016 by Princess Grace Award-winning choreographer Gabrielle Lamb. The Pigeons have been presented by NYCity Center, 92Y’s Harkness Dance Festival, Bryant Park, and Jacob’s Pillow. In 2018 they were the first dance company commissioned by Symphony Space’s “Selected Shorts”.

Pigeonwing’s Carpet Series has been performed more than 100 times since 2020, most recently during a month-long residency at the NY Botanical Garden. It has been featured in the NY Daily News and DANCE Magazine, where critic Nancy Wozny observed, “the geometric patterns of the Persian rug echo and amplify Lamb’s idiosyncratic movement vocabulary, which is both intensely intricate and unusually syncopated. ”

Facebook & Instagram:@Pigeonwingdance