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Make Music New York – Percussionist

The Play Ground

June 21, 2023

5:00 pm

Make Music New York is thrilled to present the participatory program “Stridulations for the Good Luck Feast” by composer and percussionist Billy Martin on Wednesday June 21st in partnership with Little Island. Stridulations is a set of interlocking rhythmic pieces that anyone can join, whether or not they read music. Following an ingenious system of Xs and dots, participants play rhythmic cycles on any instrument or voice, locking together like a Samba band, or stretching out to sound like crickets calling to each other across a field. Billy Martin is best known as the drummer for Medeski Martin & Wood and percussionist with John Lurie National Orchestra and The Lounge Lizards. He is also a composer, visual artist, producer, educator, and the executive director of Creative Music Studio (established in 1971 with Karl Berger, Ornette Coleman and Ingrid Sertso). Follow @makemusicny on IG & FB and @illybeats on IG.