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Julián Muro 2. Photo by Jean Studler. Free

Julián Muro – Musician, Poet

The Play Ground

July 30, 2023

5:00 pm

Julián Muro is a singer/guitarist born in Patagonia, Argentina but his permanent travels during the past 5 years have shaped his life into that of a “citizen of the world”. A contemporary troubadour, a naturalist and a traveler, his music is the result of the encounter between at least two personalities, the one of a singer-songwriter-poet and the one of a composer-producer-researcher. When these converge on the stage, the results are enchantingly hypnotic. In his own words: Most of the songs I’ll be playing at Little Island were recorded in my 2020 album ‘Unterwegs’. Unterwegs is a German word that means On the road and the album is the direct result of a journey I started years ago, that took me through different landscapes, from the mountains to the sea, and in which I learned many things. This selection of songs portraits the pain but, foremost, the joy of living. “It’s all about breathing life into music… lovely, intimate songs from Argentina, Brazil, and Cuba that Julián honors by singing in their original language, be it Spanish, Portuguese or English. Through transformative, authentic and moving performance, Julián touches his audience with a rich culture behind each note. A virtuoso on guitar, he accompanies himself in a deep and minimal, yet rebidding, emotional way.”



Julián Muro is a musician and a poet, a naturalist, a traveler, and a contemporary troubadour. He has released two albums of songs and instrumental music and has been featured as a musician and spoken word artist in albums in the US, Canada, Australia, and Argentina; his poetry was published in the anthology Breve Tratado del Viento Sur (Colombia). He received the Raul Urtasun-Frances Harley Scholarship and the John W. Kieley Endowment to participate in the Banff Musicians in Residence program in Canada in 2018 and 2019, respectively. He holds a Master’s of Music degree from the New School (NY), where he received an Award for Excellence in Climate, Environmental Justice, and Sustainability from the Tishman Center for his ongoing interdisciplinary project ‘La Tierra, una criatura’. A New Music USA Awardee, he is working on his third album, which features the Bergamot String Quartet and a band of jazz musicians, with production by Dave Douglas in NY.
Instagram: @muro.julian
Facebook: muro.julian