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Falsa — Sufi Musicians

The Glade

July 12, 2023

8:00 pm

Enjoy an extraordinary evening of music with FALSA, an ensemble known for its transcendent exploration of 14th century Sufi music. 


Sufi Music for Voice | Meditation | Transcendence | Conversation.

Featured on NPR and at Carnegie Hall amongst other venues of note, with contemporary arrangements of 14th Century Sufi music in collaboration with a diverse array of improvisational World musicians who defy cultural preconceptions and genre-specificity, New York based “Falsa” invites meditation, conversation, and transcendence.

While rooted in Sufi music (Indian/Persian classical mysticism similar to Rumi’s elevating poetry), a Falsa experience can range from Minimalist Meditative to Raga Jazz Fusion to high-energy World Improvisation that gets you moving. But ultimately, Falsa is about normalizing the transcendent experience. There’s a mystical culinary connection here: Falsa gets its name from a tropical berry native to India and Pakistan. And Sufi music is about a state of separation that longs for union. There was a decade in Umer’s (Lead Sufi Vocalist of Falsa) life that he couldn’t return home to Pakistan from the US due to Kafkaesque immigration bureaucracies. When he finally returned and had the fruit again, it “broke through all the intellectualization and numbness I realized I had cultivated to cope, and in the process of giving myself over to the majesty of feeling I realized that home is something you cannot take with you, you have to return to it”
Falsa communicates reverence for the most magical aspects of experience that are gifts and not acquisitions, as Sufi music is not about means to ends, but about meaning and transcendence.