Artistic Programming

New York’s artists and performers help bring Little Island’s park landscape to life, inspiring discovery and joy for all who visit. Through our Artists-in-Residence program, we partner with a cohort of innovative performing artists and visionaries to help curate and lead programming and events throughout the park. Local artists interested in bringing their talents to Little Island can apply through our annual Perform in the Park open call program, for paid performance opportunities. Learn more about our roster of artists by visiting our Artists Archive. 

PigPen Theatre Co in the Southwest Overlook

PigPen Theatre Co.

Actors, musicians, storytellers

This group of innovative artists has been performing original songs and plays since their freshman year together at the Carnegie Mellon School of Drama. They’ve since shared their unique brand of theater, music, and film on stages worldwide, wowing audiences of all ages with their interactive theatrical productions.
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Ayodele Casel in The Amph

Ayodele Casel

Tap dancer and choreographer

Ayodele Casel’s origins in theater, combined with her love for storytelling and tap dance, bring a distinct narrative quality to her choreographic work. Born in The Bronx and raised in Puerto Rico, Ayodele’s work is rooted in the expression of identity, culture, language, and communication.
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Tina Landau in The Glade

Tina Landau

Playwright and director

Tony nominee and Drama Desk winner Tina Landau is an acclaimed writer and director whose Broadway credits include Spongebob Squarepants, Tracy Letts’ Superior Donuts, and the revival of Bells Are Ringing, as well as numerous Off-Broadway productions. Tina is also a member of Chicago’s famed Steppenwolf Theatre.
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Michael McElroy in the Southwest Overlook

Michael McElroy

Actor, singer, music director

Michael McElroy’s numerous Broadway credits include Sunday In the Park with George, Next to Normal, Rent, and more. An accomplished vocal arranger and Musical Director, Michael is the Founder of Broadway Inspirational Voices (BIV), the award-winning choir made up of Broadway performers.
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Thank you to all who applied to Perform in the Park 2022!

Perform in the Park is our annual open call submissions process that invites New Yorkers to be a part of our annual summer programming. We look for performers who can channel New York’s iconic spontaneity and energy, and bring that spirit to life on Little Island’s dynamic stages and spaces, surrounded by nature, water, and city views. In 2021 and 2022, we had over 100+ Perform in the Park artists. Sign up for our mailing list here to be the first to know when applications for 2023 open up.

Since Little Island’s 2021 opening, 1,260 artists have helped to bring the park to life with their talents and creativity, performing all throughout our stages and delighting visitors at every turn. We’re proud to have collaborated with so many talented artists from a wide range of disciplines and styles. Learn more about our roster of artists below. 

Aaron Mattocks  — Performance Art/Dance


Abraham Sparrow — Clown, Juggler, and Magician

Acrobuffos — Physical Comedy

Adam Tendler

Adeola Role

Ahmed Alon

Alberto Denis

Alex English

Alexandra Hutchunson

Alexandre Kautz

Alexis Lombre

Ali Stroker

Alice Teyssier

Alicyn Yaffee

Allison Dubinksi

Alphonso Horne

Amanda Castro

Amber Iman  — Vocalist

Amel Ramirez

Amir ElSaffar

Ana Cantoran Viramontes

Ana Garcia

Anaya Torrence

Anbessa Orchestra — Ethio-Jazz Music

Andre Imanishi — Dance, Tap

Andrew Andron

Andromeda Turre

Andy Averbuch

Andy Clausen

Andy Wang — Hawaiian Slack Key Guitar & Ukulele

Angélica Negrón

Angelo Vasta

Anil Salem — Singer-Songwriter, Multi-instrumentalist

Ann Klein — Guitar, Mandolin

Anna Royzman

Annette Jolles

Anthony Carrera — World Music, Multi-Instrumentalist

Anthony Merchant

Anthony Rodriguez/ The House Of Xtravaganza — Performance Art/Dance

Arcoisris Sandoval

Arielle Rosales

Armando Vergara

Arturo O’Farrill


Athena Allen


Avery Reed

Avoir Motion Dance Project — Dance

Axel Tosca

Ayo Edebiri

Baba Israel

Baby Chemist —  Americana Retro Band

Baby Soda Jazz Band — Small Ensemble Traditional Jazz Music

Ballet Hispánico: La Fuerza Latina

Bandits on the Run — Indie/Folk-Pop/Americana Music

Barkha Patel — Classical Kathak Dance

Becca Bertekap

Ben Rosenblum

Benton Brown

Beth Gill

Betsy Ayer

Bill Bowers Mime — Mime and Physical Theater

Boro the Lucky Libra

Bossa Tap Trio — Tap Dance and Brazilian Live Music

Bowen Yang

Bowie Dunwoody

Braata Folk Singers — Caribbean Folk Singing

Brandon Coleman

Brandon Tesh

Brian Ellis

Brian Jeffers

Bridgid Bergin

Brinae Ali

Brinda Guha — Classical Kathak Dance

Britt Hewitt

Brittany Anjou

Broadway Inspirational Voices — Broadway Choir

Broken Box Mime Theater — Mime and Physical Theater

Bryonha Marie

Bulbul Chakraborty

Caitlin Peluffo

Caleb Teicher

Camille Thurman

Candace Chien

Carlo DeRosa

Carlos Aguilar

Caroline Shaw

Cassandra — Singer-Songwriter

Cat Lamb

Cecile McLorin Salvant

Chantal Freeman

Charenee Wade

Charles “Karma” Wilborn

Charles Anthony Bryant

Charles Miller

Charlie Burnham

Charmaine Lee

Chaz’men Williams-Ali

Chelsea Baratz

ChelseaDee Harrison — Educational Theater

Chloe Rowlands

Chris Celiz

Chris Pattishall

Christina Carminucci

Christopher Davis — Ukelele

Christopher Rudd — Contemporary ballet, Traditional African Dance

Christopher Staub

Claire Chase

Claudia Goddard —Ukulele

Colin Jacobsen — Dancer

Marcos Balter

Conor Hanick

Conrad Tao

Corazón Szell

Cory Smythe — Pianist

Country City — Folk/Country/Rock/Bluegrass Music

Craig Washington

Cristian Allexis & Urbanova —World /Latin/Folk Music

Crystal Monee Hall — Vocalist

Curtis Stewart

Dafer Tawil

Dan Lippel — Electric/Acoustic Guitar

Dan Perlman

Dana Lyn

Daniel J Watts — Vocalist

Daniel Nayeri — Author/Storyteller

Daniel Simonsen

Danielle Agami

Danni Gee — Dance

Darrell Moultrie — Dance

David Haff — Abstract Art

David Perlow

Davone Tines

Dawn Saito

Dempsey Miller

Dena Tauriello — Percussion

Devone Allison

Devonté Hynes

DeWitt Fleming

DJ Adeline

DJ Eli Escobar

DJ Fannie Mae

DJ Hiro Kone

DJ Marcus Logan


DJ Preston Duggar

DJ Reborn


DJ The Illustrious Blacks

DJ Velcro MC

Dormeshia Sumbry-Edwards

Doron Lev

Doug Balliet

Drew Dollaz

Dulce Sloan


Dylan Wu

Eagle Witt

Earl Moseley and Steffen Coleman – Diversity of Dance — Dance

East By North Dance Theatre — Modern Theatrical Dance

Ed Rosini — Actor/Storyteller

Eddie Hernandez – Dance

Eganam Segbefia — Solo Trumpet, Classical/Jazz/Pop Music

Eleanor Norton

Elena Lacayo

Elenna Canlas

Ellen Sauer

Ellenore Scott — Dance

Ellie Wallace

Ellis Foreman

Emi Ferguson

Emily Bookwalter

Emily Price

Emma Pfitzer Rice

Ephrat Asherie Dance — African American and Latinx Street and Social Dance

Eric Brown

Eric Einhorn

Eric Lall

Eric Robert Jacobson —  Classical Music

Eric Shieh

Estefania Giraldo

Eugene Golovnev

Eunice Bae

Eva Moore

Evan Sagadencky

Evan Sherman

Eyeglasses — Electric Cello Music

Fantcha — Singer/Songwriter

Felipe Fournier

Fiddler and The Crossroads — Cajun/Punk Music

FJK Dance — Contemporary/Ballet

Flako Jimenez

Gabby Garo

Gabe Stone Shayer

Gabriel Chakarji

Gabriel Chakarji — Pianist

Gabriel Dionisio

Gabriel Royal — Cellist, Vocalist

Gail Boyd

George — Cellist

George Farmer — Vocalist

Georgiana Pickett

Georgina Pazcoguin

Gina Brillon

Gina dSoto

Giveton Gelin

Glenn Roth — Solo Acoustic Fingerstyle Guitar

Gloria Babini

Grace Galu

Griots in Concert — Storytelling and Music/Folk Arts

Hamid Al-Saadi

Hamilton Berry

Hannah Einbinder

Hans Glawischnig

Hasta La Zeta —  Cumbia Music

Haus Of Us — Vogue Dance

Henry Cole

Hiroko Taguchi — Violin, Viola

Hit The Lights! Theater Co. —  Devised Theater/Shadow Puppetry

Hope Boykin

House of Waters — World Jazz Music

Huntertones — Horn Band

Ian Askew

Ian White

India Bradley

Isaac Dubow

Isabel Pregiato

Ishita Jain —  Live Drawing

Israel Harris

It’s Showtime NYC! — Street Dance

Jaboukie W.

Jackson Lynch

Jacquie Cosgrove

Jade Hicks

Jaden Foreman

Jameison Ledonio

James Cricket Colter — Violin

James Egelhofer

Janice Acevedo

Jannina Norpoth

Jared Alexander Sprague — Tap Dance

Jared Grimes — Tap Dance

Jasim Perales

Jasmine DeLeon

Jasmine Reid

Jason Daniely — Actor, Vocalist

Jasper Dutz

Jay Campbell

Jazzmeia Horn

Jean Butler – Tap Dance

Jen Goma

Jen Sanchez —  Vocalist/Guitarist

Jennie Harney

Jennifer Curtis — Violin

Jennifer Jinakunwiphat

Jennifer Newman

Jenny Lin

Jeremiah Moore — Sound Artist

Jeremy McQueen’s Black Iris Project — Ballet

Jeremy O’Harris

Jessica Molaskey — Vocalist

Jessie Young

Jo Firestone

Jo Lampert — Vocalist, Musical Theater

Joanna Powell

Jobel Medina

Jodie Landau — Vocalist/Percussionist

Joel Cuevas

Joel Jeske — Vaudevillian Comedy Performer

Joel Ramirez

Joel Wenhardt

John Early

John Fischer

John Pizzarelli — Folk Guitarist/Vocalist

John The Martyr — Soul/Funk/R&B Music

Jon Hill — Actor

Jon Hoche

Jon Lampley — Vocalist

Jon Paul Roby

Jon Sands — Author/Storyteller

Jonathan Beshay

Jonathan Gonzalez (+ Sculpture!)

Jordan Baptiste

Jordan Lloyd

Joseph Keckler

Joseph Li

Josh Henry — Singer/Songwriter/Broadway performer

Josh Prince — Dance

Joshe Ramires

Joshua Blue

Joshua Johnson

Joya Bravo — Violinist/Vocalist

Julia Jones

Julia Shiplett

Julia Sirna-Frest

Julian Austin — Singing Artist and Entertainer

Julie Acosta

Juliette Jones — Violin

Justin Austin

Justin Hicks

Kaori Yamada

Karen Boyer

Karilyn Surratt

Kate Douglas — Audio Promenade Piece

Katie Scheuerle

Katrina Reid

Katty Rodriguez

Katy Pyle — Ballet

Kayla Farrish

Kelly Levy

Kelvin Moon Loh — Musical Theater

Ken Hashimoto

Kendra Foster

Kenita Miller-Hicks

Kennard Henson

Kerime Konur

Kevin Crawford — Flautist

Keyon Harold

Kia Glean

Kinesis Project Dance Theatre — Large Scale Outdoor Dance

Kiran Ahluwalia — Indian Contemporary/Western Blues/Rock/R&B/Jazz Music

Koku Gonza —  Singer/Guitarist/Pianist

Kouadio Davis

Kya Azeen

Kyle Marshall — Dance

Kyle Miles

Kyle Poole

Kylie Nakash

Lakecia Benjamin

Larry Owens

Laura Hamilton

Le’asha Julius — Singer/Songwriter

Leah Ogawa and Andrea Ang — Puppet Theater

Leigh Poulos

Lennox Duong

Leo Manzari — Tap/Jazz/Swing/Ballet Dance

Leonardo Sandoval & Gregory Richardson/ Music From The Sole — Afro-Diasporic Tap Dance and Music

Lessie Vonner

Levy Lorenzo — Percussion/ Vibraphone

Liany Mateo

Libby Winters — Vocalist, Musical Theater

Nicholas Houfek

Lil Buck — Jookin

Linda LaBeija

Linda Loves Bingo — Drag Artist

Linda Oh

Lindsey Buller Maliekel

Little Orchestra Society —  Music Ensemble

Liz Miele

Lollise Mbi

Lucas Bouk

Lucia Bradford

Luis Perdomo

Luques Curtis — Bass

Luther Allison

Lydia Fine & Tony Blahd — Multi-Disciplinary Artists, Animation

Maciej Lewandowski

Maddie Pizzarelli — Folk Vocalist/Guitarist

Magos Herrera

Mahogany L. Browne — Poet/Author

Maile Okamura – Dance

Marandi Hostetter

Marcelino Feliciano — Jazz Music

Marcus Gilmore — Drums

Marcus Paul James — Singer-Songwriter, Soul Music


Mariachi Real De Mexico — Traditional Mariachi Music/Latin Music

Marianna Koytsan

Marika Hughes

Mariko Takizawa

Marina Celander — Hula

Mark Dover — Clarinetist

Mark Gindick — Physical Comedy, Theater Artist

Marquis Hill

Martina Viadana

Marty Jaffe

Mary Rose

Mathis Picard

Matt Gould — Musical Theater

Matt Rogers

Matthew Aucoin

Matthew Dean Marsh

Matthew Shalzi

Matthew Whitaker

Maurice Brown

Maurice Chestnut’s Dance Therapy — Hoofing

May Whitaker

Maya Lee-Parritz

Mecca Woods

Meghan Rose Murphy

Melodie Ray

Melvin Lawovi

Micela Lerman

Michael Hanf

Michael King

Michael Thurber —Multi-Instrumentalist

Michela Marino Lerman – Love Movement — Tap Dance and Music

Michele Whitaker

Michelle Bennett

Michelle Buteau

Michiyaya Dance — Multidisciplinary Dance

Miguel Zenon

Mike Lormand

Miki Hayama

Mimi Jones

Miranda Cuckson

Mireya Ramos

Misha Fiskel — DJ

Missing Element —  Beatbox and Street Dancing

Misty Copeland

Monae Minter

Mondays in the Club With Lance —  Cabaret/Performance Art

Montay Romero

Morgan Greenstreet

Morgan James & Doug Wamble — Singer & Jazz Guitarist

Morton Cahn

Moses Whitaker

MOVE NYC — Multidisciplinary Dance Ensemble

Mozaik Dance — Popping, House/Contemporary/Hip-Hop Dance

Music From The Sole – Leonardo Sandoval & Gregory Richardson — Tap Dance and Music

Nambi E. Kelley — Playwright, Theater Artist

Nasheet Waits


Negin Farsad

Nic Benacerraf

nicHi douglas — Experimental Theater

Nicholas Bergamini

Nicholas Davis

Nick Ng

Nick Revel

Nicole Glover

Nicole Wong

Nimesh Patel

Noel “Frostlock” Rodriguez

Nora Brown

Ole Mathisen

Olivia Bernabe

Omar El-Abidin

Ousmane “Omari” Wiles

Paige Amicon

Paolo Javier

Paquito D’Rivera

Paradise Drummers —  Africans Drum Music and Dance

Parallel Exit — Circus

Pat Brown

Pat Regan

Patrick Ferreri

Peter Musante

Petey Deabreu

Phil Kaye — Poetry

Philip Flagg

Philippe Lemm Trio —  Jazz Music

Pride Plays — Performance Art Theatre

Priya Darshini — Indian Classical Music

PUBLIQuartet Rachel Hutsell

Randy Mason — Hip-Hop/Rap Music

Raquel Acevedo Klein

Ray Ferreira

Ray Mercer — Dance

Rebecca Lowry — Poetry, Fine Art

Rebecca Naomi Jones — Broadway performer

Rebekah Heller

Reniia Sealey

Riley Mulherkar

River Ramirez

Robert Garland

Robert Knowles

Rogerio Boccato

Rokafella — Hip Hop Dance

Ron Brown

Ronald K. Brown – Evidence — Traditional African and Contemporary Dance

Rosamond S. King

Rosario Amas

Roshni Samlal

Ross Karre

Rovaco Dance Company — Dance

Ryan Hamilton

Sam Minaie

Sam Reiss

Sameena Mitta – MeenMoves — Interactive Dance Theater

Samora Pinderhughes

Sara Bareilles — Singer/Songwriter/Pianist

Sara Ontaneda — Alternative Pop Music

Sarah Cameron Sunde

Sarah Dahnke

Sarah Dahnke —  Multidisciplinary Dance

Sarah Galdes

Sarah Hanahan

Sarah Kay — Poetry

Sarah Petersiel

Saung Budaya Dance —Indonesian Dance

Saw Lady — Musical Saw Player

Sean Currans

Sean Nowell

Seaton Smith


Senfuab Stoney — Percussionist

Sereena Marcano

ShadowDance —  Shadowplay Dance

Shae Fiol

Shaina Taub — Vocalist, Accordionist

Shake on the Block

Shalewa Sharpe

Shayla-Vie Jenkins — Dance

Shayok Misha Chowdhury

Shelby McCaine

Shelley Spruill

Shenel Marie Johns

Shirazette Tinnin

Shireen Pimentel

Shireen Rahimi

Siobhan Santini Pellot

Sister Nancy — Jamaican Dancehall Singer

Sky Hopkina

Sofia Figueroa

Sofia Ouyang

Soul In The Horn — DJ/Live Music

Spencer Lott

Spencer Weidie

Stacy Sargeant —  Musical Theater

STEFA*  — Classical Minimalism, Punk/Experimental Pop Music

Stephanie Chou — Chinese influenced, Jazz, Classical/Pop Music

Stephen “The BubbleMan” Duncan — Performance/Bubble Art

Steven Blier

StreetMule — Solo Percussion and Didgeridoo Music

String Orchestra of Brooklyn

Sugar Vendil — Composer, Pianist, Choreographer, Interdisciplinary artist

Suki Rae — Flutist, Singer-Songwriter

Sullivan Fortner

Summer Camargo

Sun Kim

Sunny Hitt

Talvin Wilks

Tareq Abboushi

Tariq Al-Sabir

Taylor Stanley

Ted Louis Levy — Tap Dance

Teeny Liberson

Tessa Lark — Vocalist

The Afro-Latineers — Afro-Latin Jazz Music

The High School of Fashion Industries — Fashion Design

The Lobbyists — Music, Theater

The Opera Collective — Opera

The Tale Of Chef Kale —  Performance Art, Song/Dance/Theater/Food Art

The Westerlies — Jazz/New Classical/Appalachian Folk Music

TJ Reddick

Tomoe Carr — Freestyle Dance

Tony Kadleck — Trumpeter

Tony Yazbeck — Tap Dance

Torya Beard — Multidisciplinary Dance

Ty Defoe

Tyshawn Sorey

Underground Horns — Afro-Funk Latin Brass Band

Usama Siddique2


Veronica Mosey

Vince Giordano

Vinicius Gomes

Viva Vallenato! Cumbia Band — Vallenato and Cumbia Music

Vlad Camano

Wabafu Garifuna Dance Theatre — Garifuna/Folkloric/ Modern Dance

Wendel Patrick


Willem de Koch

XinOu Wei —  Solo Violinist

Yacetie Santos

Yasser Tejeda & Palotré — Jazz/Rock/Caribbean Music

Yayoi Ikawa

Zachary Desmond

Ziwe Fumudoh

ZONE — Jazz Music

Zydeco Revelatora — Zydeco and Cajun Music