People sitting on a hill watching an outdoor performance

Late Night Series – culinary and music event focusing on community conceived by Behzad Jamshidi

The Play Ground

September 16, 2022

9:30 pm

Join us for a Friday evening meant to transport you to the place where Iranians foster the fondest memories of my friends and our families – “mezeh koochek” or a “little table”.

The social culture of picnics is at the heart of Persian culture. Among the green grasses and across the shared meals, my parents began dating and I have some of my most joyful childhood memories. The comradery of these shared meals was historically met with the celebration of performing music and poetry, which for our meal will be provided by Falsa Music and his quartet.

The Iranian spirit is best captured in these gestures of hospitality, which may be of the most honest terms to understand the diverse and endearing people of this ancient country. And to share this culture of togetherness out from the depths of our memories back home, there could be no greater pleasure for us than that.