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Catherine Lamb’s The Additive Arrow

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August 11 – September 5, 2021

FRIDAY, AUGUST 27 at 9:15 PM


Catherine Lamb - Composer
Conrad Tao - Synthesizer
Jay Campbell - Cello

The Additive Arrow is an exploration in the kinetic energy that might occur between the atmospheric agents of the cello, the synthesizer, the listener's ears, and the open air. The piece extends further from previous research into the Secondary Rainbow Synthesizer and a nine part series called Prisma Interius, where direct subtractive synthesis was taken from live microphones in the environment in which the pieces were connected. In this instance the perceptual points (the musicians and listeners) will be situated within the various atmospheric agents, combined with elemental interaction of tone, spectra, and noise, to form an aggregate of zones and augmented realities. The piece was created for Conrad Tao and Jay Campbell.  – Catherine Lamb, May 2021

Performance runs 60 minutes.

This is a Little Island Commission.

Curated by Conrad Tao

Pianist-composer Conrad Tao is a firm believer in listening as an active and participatory experience. Tao’s series, curated for NYC FREE, of innovative pairings offers multi-sensory experiences and pushes concepts of encounter and exchange for both performers and the audience. Inspired by the relationships between individual artists and their unique choices of creative expression, Tao asks us to look, listen, and feel into the tensions, overlaps, and ranges between organic and mechanized, tone and timbre, spontaneity, and predetermination. 

“I love extremes. And vibrations of melodies that you can feel before you hear them. To me, when you are experiencing something that feels like it is just beyond your ability to make sense, or comprehend, then you are there, with the instrument and the musician, inside the sound.” — Conrad Tao

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