Claire Chase & The Juilliard School community: Pan

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August 11 – September 5, 2021

SUNDAY, August 22 at 7:30PM


Pan (2018, rev. 2020)

Claire Chase - flutes
Levy Lorenzo - electronics
Marcos Balter - composer
The Juilliard School community members

Douglas Fitch - director/designer
Nicholas Houfek - lighting designer
Levy Lorenzo - sound designer

Jane M. Saks/Project&, creative producer and commissioner

A 21st-century retelling of the mythological story of Pan, the ancient Greek demi-god of the wild, shepherds and flocks, composed by Marcos Balter and performed by MacArthur Fellow flutist Claire Chase with live electronics. Directed by Douglas Fitch, this piece of contemporary music meets community theater meets public performance traverses the life and death of Pan, incorporating the timeless forces of manipulation, magic, betrayal and redemption.

The goat-god Pan is one of only two Greek deities said to have been put to death. But how can an immortal figure die at all? Should we understand the death of a god not as a contradiction in terms, but rather as the end of an epoch, or a system of values? If so, then what is it that dies with a figure like Pan — and is such a death a cause for grief, celebration, or something else entirely?  Pan, a 60-minute work for solo flute, live electronics and community participation, is a meditation on ambiguity and the discomfort it brings. Pan is himself the consummate in-betweener. He is half man and half beast; as a demigod, his realm lies somewhere between heaven and earth. He is the symbol of fecundity and the creative urge; he is the weaver of melodies and the guardian of the wilderness. But he is also a cunning predator, whose lust and rapacity drives him to unspeakable deeds.

–– Jennifer Judge, Density 2036 project writer

Performance runs 75 minutes.

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