Perform in the Park FAQs

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What kinds of artist/performances are you looking for?

We’re looking for artists and groups with all levels of experience in a wide range of performing arts disciplines, including but not limited to: circus, comedy, dance, fashion, literary arts, magic, music, opera, performance art, puppetry, spoken word and theater, and everything in between! If you have something that you can share on a stage that doesn’t fit the aforementioned categories, we encourage you to apply. See below for technical considerations.

Successful applicants should also thrive in an outdoor performance setting. Our park is an open, public space for all ages where sounds and surprises can overlap, and where visitors can stream in and out depending on the space. If you can keep the magic and energy going throughout it all, we want you to apply!

Is Little Island accepting visual art or film submissions?

Currently, we are only focused on applications from performance art disciplines. We encourage visual artists, filmmakers, and artists of non-performance disciplines to click this link to sign up for our mailing list to learn about future opportunities to engage with Little Island.

Can I submit more than one application?

Please only submit one application per artist or group.

Do I have to live in New York City to be considered?

If you do not live in the Greater New York City area but you work predominantly in New York City, or have the ability to travel to Little Island regularly to perform, your application will still be considered.

Why do you need to be 18 or over to apply?

Unfortunately, we are not able accommodate younger artists at this time. We are actively exploring alternative ways to amplify and highlight younger voices throughout our first season. We look forward to inviting youth artists to apply for our submissions series in future seasons.

If someone in my group is under 18, can we still apply?

If your group is legally permitted to employ child performers (see New York Department of Labor Law 12 NYCRR 186) your application will be considered. The child performer and his or her employer are responsible for satisfying their respective requirements under state law. Little Island is not, at this time, in a position to engage child performers directly.

How are applications reviewed and selected?

All eligible applications will be reviewed by a group of panelists which include artists, Little Island staff members, and community partners representing a variety of arts disciplines. Applications will be evaluated in the context of the entirety of our seasonal programming.

Where will work be presented?

Submissions will be considered for presentation throughout the park in The Amph, a 700-seat waterfront amphitheater; The Glade, a more casual setting for up to 200 guests seated on a sloping green lawn; the Playground, a sprawling open plaza with a grassy slope for seating, and other informal spaces in the park.

If accepted, how often would I perform?

Accepted artists may be presented throughout the summer season in many capacities, including our weekly series offerings and performances in The Glade or The Amph. Some artists may be scheduled for a one-time performance, and others may be programmed more regularly.

How are you factoring in potential timing or scheduling issues regarding Coronavirus (COVID-19), that may arise in 2021?

At this point in time, we’re hoping to proceed with programming as scheduled for 2021. Should any public health issues arise that significantly prohibit public gatherings we will respond and adapt as necessary following guidelines provided by the state and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Is Little Island accessible?

Little Island is an ADA compliant park and we are committed to providing support and reasonable accommodation to all artists and attendees.

What technical support is provided for performances?

Little Island will maintain a basic inventory of musical instruments and technical equipment which will include a drum kit, a keyboard, and a variety of amps and stands which can be used for performance based on availability and at the discretion of Little Island production staff. Artists chosen to perform in the park are expected to supply any additional instruments and other artistic implements needed for their performance. A complete list of Little Island’s available equipment will be shared with accepted artists prior to the contracting process.

Who should I contact if I have more questions or need assistance/accommodation in submitting my application?

Please contact us at if you have any questions about the application process.

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