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People sitting on a hill watching an outdoor performance

Singer-Songwriter Series

The Glade

June 22

6:30 pm

Still dazed and confused from the University of Michigan’s Musical Theatre Department, new graduates Andrew Cekala, Helen J Shen, and Christoper James Tamayo are ready to sing some songs to you during this Pride Month. Some of us are gay, some of us are proud, and one of us is an ally. This set will (attempt) to explore the nuances of love. Romantic love, lusty love, Elton-John’s-lesbian-fantasty love, familial love, self love, and what it means to love with pride. But frankly, come for a good time! There will be some songs you know, some songs you don’t because we wrote them and haven’t had the courage to put them anywhere, but all of them will be bops!

Insta: @andrewrcekala