magic Eric Q 002

Magic Eric Q

The Play Ground

October 1, 2022

4:00 pm

Eric starts chasing his passion in magic and spent a huge effort from college time. Within just one year, Eric got a David Copperfield autographed certificate of Merit in a TV magic contest.From magic shop assistant, to run a magic shop and club; from a teacher for kid magic class to be magic consultant for celebrities, from a magic lecture translator to a magic convention and festival host, interpreter and stage manager; from a kid party magician to a trade show and corporate event magic entertainer; Eric spent almost two decades to do what he loves. Eric is dedicated to magic, got multiple awards; had the opportunity to work with top notch magicians all over the world for international magic festivals for over 15 years, and worked with different directors and TV producers for dramas and filming over 10 years.Eric moved to NYC four years ago and had a brand new stage name as Magic Q.A whole new magic journey will start from here.

Instagram: magicericqq
Facebook: Eric Qiu