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Carmen Borla: Music

The Play Ground

October 8, 2022

2:30 pm

Carmen Borla is an Argentinian artist based in NYC whose life is devoted to telling stories. Through singing, writing and acting she focuses on digging deep into the human experience. Carmen believes expression is a form of processing experiences and exercising our empathy. Her first solo album titled “WORDS” (2022) is a compilation of thoughts about the ups and downs, the falling out of love to fall in love with oneself and the fear and beauty of “letting go”. To portray her feelings she combined her love for ska, soul and R&B music.

Some of her previous collaborations include: “Nocturne”, “Drown” and “Intrepid” from the album Odyssey (An electro Symphonic Journey) by PJ Rose, “Breath” for the “Mind Massage platform” (sound meditations), “Rooted” and “Home” in collaboration with singer, songwriter Zachary Murdock and “No more” with Sur10.

Instagram: @carmenborla
Facebook: @carmenborlaofficial
Twitter: @borlacarmen
Youtube: carmenborlaofficial