Little Island strives to continually learn and improve upon on our accessibility efforts on an ongoing basis, learning from our peers and visitors as the park evolves. To that end, we regularly provide our staff, artists, and collaborators with tools and resources about accessibility best practices to ensure that we prioritize the needs of all New Yorkers.

We prioritize making all facets of our park accessible, including:

Programming & Recreation

All programs, performances, and activities are designed with accessibility needs in mind.

ASL, audio description, and open captioning will be provided for select performances throughout the season.

Park Access & Navigation

All features of our park are accessible, and our Visitor Experience team is ready to provide guided assistance and supportive materials for navigation whenever needed.

  • All spaces in the park, including pathways and all overlooks, are fully ADA accessible with handrails and landings for rest.
  • All restrooms are accessible, including a single-user gender neutral restroom.
  • The Amph has eight (8) wheelchair accommodations, and the amphitheater itself is accessible by wheelchair via two entrances. To reserve wheelchair accommodation in The Amph, please email to check availability.

Please note, you exit the same way you enter from our Northwest, Southwest, and Southeast overlooks.


Information on Little Island's website, social media platforms, and digital channels will be presented in accessible formats to help guide and inform visitors' experiences in advance of coming to Little Island.

  • Accessibility tests are run on (web and mobile) to ensure that the content can be viewed and understood via screen readers.
  • All images on our website include alternative text descriptions.
  • Images posted on our social media platforms include alternative text descriptions, whenever possible.
  • Videos shared on our website and social media are captioned.