Reminder: No timed entry reservations are required through mid-March.

About the NYC FREE Team

Guest Producer Mikki Shepard brought together many voices in a process a bit like New York itself, where the energy of dynamic interaction and multiplicity creates unexpected opportunities. The festival celebrates, supports, and empowers artists to showcase their work—as performers, creators, and curators. The overarching artistic direction comes from Mikki Shepard who worked with Shoham Arad, Trina DasGupta, Georgiana Pickett, Eleanor Wallace, and Hanako Yamaguchi and a dynamic group of artists to curate this one-time festival in the inaugural year of Little Island. Propelled by personal triumph and hardship, questions about traditional form and technique, current events, and the built and natural environment, this creative team defines this moment in time with stimulating, challenging, inspiring and entertaining performances.

NYC FREE presents well-established and emerging artists alike and premieres many projects inspired by Little Island itself. With up to 7 distinct performances on a single day, across multiple genres including music, dance, opera, poetry, and comedy,
will be a continuous vibrant presence for four weeks, giving artists and park visitors the opportunity to once again exchange energy with each other, for the incomparable experience of live performance.


Our cultural community has suffered greatly and artists, forever questioning how to work and engage with the public, continue to demonstrate the courage to take risks and adapt!

My experience has shown me that through listening to artists and investing in their creative process and curatorial practices we can reflect on the past, stand up for what we believe in, offer hope, and reimagine a future that is safe and joyful for all. NYC FREE is a timely and necessary event, as the city reopens and returns to producing some of the best art in the world. Inclusive, eclectic, and bold.

Join us on this journey celebrating life and the beauty of our differences, have an individual experience and a communal one – sit back and enjoy, lean in and be stimulated. Take in the ever-changing cityscape from the spectacular vantage point of Little Island, an oasis in NYC built for the people of New York.

–– Mikki Shepard


Festival Producer Mikki Shepard

Senior Advisors
Stephen Daldry
George C. Wolfe

Artistic Advisors & Programming Consultants
Georgiana Pickett
Eleanor Wallace
Hanako Yamaguchi

Artistic Advisors
Shoham Arad
Trina DasGupta

Artist Curators
Tariq Al-Sabir
Ronald K. Brown
Robert Garland & Misty Copeland
Alphonso Horne
Paolo Javier
Raquel Acevedo Klein
Georgina Pazcoguin
Conrad Tao
Adam Tendler
Awoye Timpo
Shirazette Tinnin
Eduardo Vilaro

Administrative Artistic Coordinator
Annie Guo
Administrative Artistic Assistant
Jolie Saltiel

General Manager
Anne Tanaka
Associate General Manager
Mauricio Lomelin
Contract Manager
PMG Arts Management
Operations Manager
Rachael Pazdan
Associate Operations Manager
Janet Rucker
Senior Talent Coordinator
Jackie Thomas
Company Manager
Shayna Penn
House Seat Coordinator
Alison Loerke
General Management Department Coordinator
Sydney Meehan
Talent Coordinators
Christina Botero
Elise Combier-Kapel
Andrea Resendiz

Senior Associate Producers
Boo Froebel
Agustin Schang
Jonathan Secor

Comedy Producer Single Palm Tree Productions
Late Night Associate Producer
Natalie Drillings

Program Managers
Mengtong Guan
Lai-Lin Robinson
Kyla-Rose Smith

Assistant Program Manager Isaiah Blake

Marketing Consultant
Laura Nicoll 
Writer/Copy Editor
Luna Shyr

Director of Production Andrew Bryant 
Associate Director of Production
Michael Domue 
Master Scheduler
Jake Platt

Festival Sound Supervisor
Scott Lehrer 
Associate Festival Sound Supervisor
Alex Neumann 
Festival Lighting Director
Alejandro Fajardo
Associate Festival Lighting Director
Carolyn Wong

Festival Production Services Production Glue
Production Glue Technical Director
Simon Quayle

Stage Management
Fatimah Amill
Beatriz Perez Arche
Natali Arco
Katie Astra Barnhard
Megan Belgam
Jhanaë Bonnick
Codey Leroy Butler
Kelly Ruth Cole
Zoe Collins
Katie Curran
Barbara Domue
Kevin Hanley
Adalhia Ivette Hart
Tianding He
Marcus Lashley
Beau Lettieri
Maggie Manzano
Isabel Martinez
Emily Mills
Robert Monegan
Daniel Parker
Sophia Plett
Mia Qin
Sam Quinn
Christian Rodriguez
Meena Shayesteh


Maurine Knighton, Leah Krauss, Rob Marx, Cynthia Mayeda, Baraka Sele, Lucy Sexton, City Winery and The Standard Hotel